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Everyone knows that whatsapp is a #1 online dating site and everyone uses whatsapp to find the right partner and for fun. When you go on a date or just talk with a girl on whatsapp. After that, you are really confused that she likes you or not. She wants to meet or not etc like these type of things start running in your mind. But maybe she just giving you some signs of attraction and liking but you don’t understand the signs. If she just starting talk with you and add you in her social media sites or What’s app.

If she likes you then she wants to talk to you and it is the first sign of liking that she finds you attractive and good. After the first date or meeting, she just continues to talk with you and she just wants to talk with you so that you can make good communication level between each other. When she just agreed for the second date to take the next step. When she just ready for the second date that means she likes you and she wants to meet you and need to know about you more. If she agreed to the second date then it means you do not do wrong in the first date that is why she finds you the attractive and interesting person and want to meet you again.

After the second meeting, you just talk with you each other more and know each other past and discuss the future little bit and just have a good date. After that, she sends you text first sometimes and you feel that she start giving you more attention and maybe he is getting attracted towered Jor Bagh Escort. To get her attention first you just need to give her respect and need to wear good-looking clothes because physical attraction helps a lot and it is also important. Most of the times girls never send a text first but if she sends you text first for sometimes then you just need to understand these signs and she likes you. To make chatting interesting and to attract you more she just uses emoji’s in the chart and trying to be open with you more.

When she just ask for the third meeting and take the right and final decision for you. When she just meet you with her friends or offer you that you want to meet my friends and just say yes. If she talks more on phone with you that means she is interested in you and like you because if someone doesn’t like you then he can’t with you on phone maximum 2 minutes but if she spends so much time with you on phone like chatting, calling etc. When she just talk you about video call and it is the most interesting way to create good communication with each other and feel something for each other.

Video calling is a most effective way because it helps you to boost feelings and emotions. If a girl tells you about video call then it is great and she likes you a lot and wants to talk with you more. When she just follow you on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat that means she just wants to interact with you and wants to know more about your daily activities. So if she is giving you all these signs then you just need to put all your focus on her and give you all attention to her and just start e good relationship with her slowly.